Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy
Ramakrishna Math, Koyilandy
A Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math


     Koyilandy Math is the first Ramakrishna Math in Malabar. It was consecrated by Swami Nirmalananda, a disciple of Sri Ramakrishna. On His way to Otacamund in the Nilgiris in early 1912 Swami Nirmalananda met with a devotee of Sri Ramakrishna, one Mr. Kunhiraman Menon, an advocate from Parapanangadi. He invited Swami Nirmalananda to Vadakara. In 1912 a warm reception was conducted in Vadakara for the Swami in which devotees from different parts of Koyilandy, Kozhikode and Thalassery participiated.

From 1909 onwards a Yogi Math was there in Koyilandy. So the administrators of Subrahmanya temple and one Mr. K P Krishnan Nair went and requested to Swami Nirmalananda to undertake the Yogi Math and start a Ramakrishna Math there. According to that in 1914 April 9th Swami Nirmalananda had undertaken the Yogi Math and the temple. In 1915 March 30 Swami consecrated a Sri Ramakrishna temple there.

Neelkanth Bhakta who later became Swami Purushothamananda Puri of Vasishtaguha in the Himalayas was an inmate in the early ages of the Ashrama. Poet and a freedom fighter Bodheswaran was another brahmachari at that time. From 1923 onward Swami Sekharananda, Swami Sailajananda were in charge of the center. Because of their hard work in 1929 a new building for the Ashrama got constructed.

Ramakrishna Math Koyilandy was the main center for the flood relief camp conducted in 1924. That time Swami Sekharananda has opened a temporary center for the relief work in kozhikode which later developed as the Ramakrishna Mission Sevashrama. And later Koyilandy Math has become a sub center to the Kozhikode Ramakrishna Sevashrama.

In 1982 Swami Sidhinathananda became the Secretary of Kozhikode Sevashrama. And under his guidance Swami Chidambarananda constructed the present Prayer Hall and a Library in the Koyilandy Ramakrishna Ashrama. The present temple of the Koyilandy Ashrama was inaugurated by Swami Sidhinathananda in 1987 January 1st From 1986 onward this center has become an independent center under Belur Math. 

Swami Chidambarananda was the first President of this center. Then in 1987 Swami Golokananda became the President of the Math. After that Swami Sevananda(1998-2002), Swami Veerabhadrananda(2002-2006), Swami Swaprabhananda(2006-2011), Bhuvanathmananda(2011-2015), Swami Aptalokananda(2015-2016), Swami Sundarananda(2016- Present).